Workers/Ministers Conference

RCCGNA 2nd Annual Pastors’ Wives Conference


A volunteer is an individual who donates personal time or a service of their own free will. Currently RCCG North America has many of these wonderful people and we need to increase this number to maintain and importantly improve the effective services that are responsive to the changing needs of membership.

Why Be a Volunteer?

Because there are BENEFITS:

  • Meet fellow christians and expand your network circle.
  • It’s personally rewarding, satisfying and FUN!
  • Sharing your skills and talents does make a difference.
  • Helps to sharpen your talent and skills.
  • Gain commendable work-related skills and experience.
  • God will recognize your efforts. (Exodus 23:25)

A little does go a long way. May God bless you!

To volunteer, you are required to register for the event you want to volunteer for. During registration, you will be prompted to indicate if you wish to volunteer or not.

If you have already registered and did not indicate that you wanted to volunteer and you now wish to do so, please click here…

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